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Horizontal Diffusion Furnace for High Process Performance

The design of the SVCS atmospheric diffusion furnaces combines the multiple process capability with the needs of a maximum

capacity for full production system (SVaFUR-FP) and high flexibility small scale versions for use in research and pilot

production (SVaFUR-RD). It provides an easy-to-maintain, safe and reliable horizontal furnace platform. The SVCS

design is outstanding for high efficiency, minimised footprint and low cost of ownership while offering high process flexibility.


  • Diffusion (drive-in) high temperature procesess
  • Doping from solid, liquid and gaseous dopant sources e.g.: BBr₃, B2H6, POCL₃, PH₃, BN
  • Various thermal processing e.g. annealing, curing, sintering
  • Pyrogenic Wet Oxide with External Burning System
  • Wet Oxide with ultra pure steamer
  • Dry Oxide
  • HiPOx (High Pressure Oxide)
  • DCE or HCl optional for all processes




  • State of the art modular control system, inhouse designed, highly tailored and inhouse manufactured
  • Top notch components always selected for excelent results and trouble free long life of the furnace equipment
  • Up to 4 stacked quartz or SiC tube reactor chambers for various procesess
  • Advanced water cooling tube level system: no thermal interference between different tubes
  • Contactless fully automated boat-in-tube loading both cantilever or softloading configurations
  • Maintenance friendly mechanical design



Wafer size 150mm, 200mm, 300mm or any custom size
Wafer load FP: 150+
  RD: 25 (typical)
Heating system 3 or 5 zone
Flat zone FP: up to 1067 mm (42")
  RD: down to 300 mm(12")
  ± 0.5°C across flat zone
Process temperature 200°C to 1300°C
Power consumption 95kW – 165kW depending on tube configuration
Power supply 150 mm: 3-phase, 400 or 480VAC, 140 A, 50 or 60 Hz
  200 mm: 3-phase, 400 or 480VAC, 160A, 60Hz
  (system is always adapted to country- specific power supply network)
Clean dry air 70 – 110 psig (4,8 to 7,6 bar)

Cooling water

40 - 60 LPM
Exhaust 210m³/h per tube
Options Boat elevator and wafer handling automation