A long tradition of research and production, a present day success story and a promising future in the semiconductor business – for many people surprising, but true characteristics of a small mountainous area in the northeast of the Czech Republic. The history of this “Silicon Valley” began more than 50 years ago with the production of vacuum tubes and TV screens. Know-how in the metallurgy of molybdenum and tungsten was the basis for the independent development of germanium and silicon technologies.



In those years of the Cold War when access to advanced technologies was restricted for strategic reasons, essential independent development took place, starting with production equipment, components, measuring instruments, and resulting in the establishment of a specialized school for semiconductor specialists. Immediately before the fall of the Iron Curtain the Tesla Rožnov industrial park employed over 10,000 people.



In the new economic situation after November 1989 many experts either left their professions or their country to seek more lucrative employment. However, the radical turning point was the take-over of the local plants, which were left over after the break-up of Tesla Rožnov, by the US based company Motorola. This made it possible for production of wafers and chips to continue, now under the new conditions of the global economy. Demand for specialized services and production infrastructure resulted in the formation of several new companies in the Czech “Silicon Valley ”, one of them being SVCS.

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